Boulders for Shoulders

Warmup Db front lever rotation Db external rotation Db bent over fly Handstand push-ups Wall ball shot 2×10 Workout Standing shoulder press 6×6 Arnold press & side lat raise 4×8 Skull crusher Cable Single arm tricep extension Cable bent over fly 4×8 Machine close grip shoulder press Rear deltoid pull ups 3×10 FYI: I’m in … More Boulders for Shoulders

Curls for the girls

Want some eye popping biceps? Need to get to of those giggly arms? Want those tops to fit a littler better? Try this workout on for size! 4×15 Barbell curl Incline alternating dumbbell curl Db hammer curl 3×15 Close grip pull-ups Reverse grip bent over row Seated preacher curl In order to maximize your growth … More Curls for the girls